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Melbourne-based commercial and industrial cleaning business ClarkSolutions has enlisted the strong and reliable performance of Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA) as it expands its business to include a small warehouse.

ClarkSolutions offers a wide range of services for businesses including after-hours office, warehouse, building, window and event cleaning as well as the recent production and sale of chemicals which has necessitated the acquisition of a warehouse to store the chemicals.

With the recent production and sale of chemicals, ClarkSolutions director Peter Clark required a forklift for the first time, resulting in the purchase of a Toyota 32-8FG25 forklift.

"ClarkSolutions has recently upscaled our business and have gone into manufacturing cleaning chemicals, and we required a forklift for receiving pallets of cleaning chemicals off trucks," Mr Clark said.

"They're 200-litre drums of cleaning chemicals and there's four drums on each pallet, so that's 800 litres so we definitely needed a forklift."

When beginning the process of choosing a new forklift for his warehouse, Mr Clark consulted friends with experience in selling forklifts, which led him to contact TMHA for a quote.

Mr Clark ended up speaking to TMHA area sales manager Justin Eagleton, who helped Mr Clark navigate the sale process and find a forklift that suited his needs.

Mr Clark said that one of the main reasons he chose the Toyota forklift was the sharp pricing that Mr Eagleton was able to procure, finding Mr Clark a demonstrator model that resulted in significant savings.

With only 70 hours of use on the demonstrator forklift, a comprehensive-warranty was also included as part of the purchase to provide Mr Clark with additional peace of mind.

The service and follow-up provided by Mr Eagleton has also been one of Mr Clark's favourite aspects of his new purchase.

"Justin was a lot of help, I was very happy with Justin," Mr Clark said. "Just the support and the information with everything about the forklift was really helpful."

"There was good communication, he was very friendly; he gave me all the information I required to have an understanding of what I'm purchasing and he always came back to me to let me know what was available."

Furthermore, the demonstrator model Mr Clark purchased came equipped with extra optional features which further improved the value proposition of the purchase, such as a telematics system which can provide information to understand vehicle status, driver performance and the overall productivity of a forklift to determine a business' material handling needs.

Toyota forklifts are renowned for their extensive safety features, which have so far impressed Mr Clark.

"It's easy to use, it's very straightforward and what I like about it is it's got a lot of safety features - For example, it doesn't work without [being seated and with] the seatbelt on which is really good," he said.

Mr Clark's 32-8FG25 forklift uses a dual-fuel system running LPG and gasoline, providing longer running times and greater fuel efficiency than a petrol-only forklift with the performance and reliability that customers come to expect from TMHA.

It also features Toyota's exclusive System of Active Stability (SAS) forklift stability system, which helps maximise safe operation of the machine with a sophisticated and technologically advanced system to help detect and prevent unsafe operation.

ClarkSolutions employs over 40 people in Melbourne and provides a range of high-level cleaning services for commercial and industrial businesses large and small.



ClarkSolutions director Peter Clark with his Toyota 32-8FG25 forklift
Toyota 32-8FG25 forklift in use on site at ClarkSolutions warehouse
Toyota 32-8FG25 forklift at ClarkSolutions