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Toyota has launched three new battery electric stand-on and sit-on towing tractor models.

The new Toyota models can be used to tow a string of trailers/dollies - providing a time and cost effective alternative to moving large loads over distances more than 100 metres.

The three models are the four-tonne stand-on Toyota CBTY4, the four-tonne sit-on CBT4 and the six-tonne sit-on CBT6 - all with pneumatic tyres.

Toyota also offers a range of internal combustion towing tractors.

The Executive Vice President of Toyota Industries Corporation Australia, Steve Harper, said the electric towing tractors were designed to meet a specific need in the logistics process.

“Some factories and warehouses transport large loads horizontally for distances of more than 100 metres,” he said.

“In many cases, using a conventional lift truck or pallet truck can limit productivity in such operations.

“Conventional lift trucks or pallet trucks are normally limited to moving only one or two pallets at a time.

“Whenever loads are moved over 100 metres on a frequent basis, there is a good economic case for using towing tractors that pull trailers laden with the pallets and/or loads.”

Steve Harper said there was also a broader customer application for Toyota’s towing products in docks, rail and bus stations, and airports.

“The economic case can be made that towing tractors reduce the number of operators and trucks needed to move goods horizontally,” he said.

“The towing tractors also increase productivity, as loads are moved more efficiently, and increase safety by reducing the number of machines moving in and around the workplace.”

Steve Harper said the launch of the new electric towing tractors dovetailed with increased use of “Just In Time” supply.

“Customers are using towing tractors for frequent picking and transporting of product from stock to production line-side replenishment,” he said.

The new Toyota electric towing tractors have a low step-in height and a clear and open area for operators to ensure the trucks are easy to mount and dismount.

The machines have variable speed control for acceleration / deceleration and top speed, to ensure loads are handled in a safe and efficient manner.

For further information about Toyota's range of forklifts, skid steer loaders and tow tractors, freecall 1800 425 438, or visit on-line at


Toyota's new electric towing tractors can be used to tow a string of tailers/dollies. Three models are offered -- the four/six-tonne rider seated CBT4/CBT6 model (pictured) and the four-tonne stand-on CBTY4 -- all with pneumatic tyres.